2010. március 10., szerda

Steve Turner válogatás 2.

Why the Rich Need the Poor

If you want to keep
going up in the world
you need someone
to stand on.

We Fit Together

We fit together
like spoons
in a dining-room drawer
which cup into each other's curves
like lovers
on a happy bed.

Lord, Lord

You were hungry
and I was sorry.
You were thirsty
and I blamed the world.
You were a stranger
and I pointed you out.
You were naked
and I turned you in.
You were sick
and I said a prayer.
You were in prison
and I wrote a poem.

The Proof

Do you have any identification?
Diners Card?
American Express?
Bank statement?
Driving licence?

Then, I am sorry, sir.
You do not exist.
aki csak rövid posztokat akar olvasni, menjen az iwiwre.

meg a fészbukra.

akit semmi nem érdekel, ne olvasson semmit.

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