2010. február 20., szombat

Steve Reich - Beryl Korot: Three Tales - Dolly

"Technology is the continuation of evolution"

Részlet Steve Reich és Beryl Korot háromrészes videóoperájából. Dolly annak a juhnak a neve, amelyet néhány évvel ezelőtt sikeresen klónoztak. A teljes szövegkönyv megtalálható Steve Reich weboldalán.


Ray Kurzweil: Technology is a continuation of evolution

Kurzweil: we can create things

Kurzweil: far faster than biological evolution

Kurzweil: can create something more intelligent than ourselves

Kurzweil: intelligent machines.

Kurzwei: machines, machines, intelligent, ‘telligent machines (looped)

Cynthia Breazeal: Kismet is my baby

Cynthia: Building a baby the hard way

Cynthia: How do you play the role of evolution?

Sherry: One 10 year old said to me

Sherry: The robots are like Pinnochio

Sherry: not like real boys

Sherry: They’re sort of alive

Cynthia: sort of alive

Sheri: doesn’t have a mother

Sheri: doesn’t have siblings

Sheri: doesn’t know its gonna die.


Kurzweil: We’re going to be thrown from our perch of evolutionary superiority

Bill Joy: If we create a species smarter than ourselves our prospects are dim

Marvin Minsky: intelligent robots - will be ah, our replacement.

Bill Joy: If we’re gonna create a robot species we oughta take a vote first


Henri Atlan: The Prophet Jeremiah

Atlan: decided

Atlan: to build

Atlan: an artificial man

Atlan: he was perfect

Atlan: was able to talk

Atlan: immediately he talked to Jeremiah

Atlan: and he ask him

Atlan: “What did you do?”

Atlan: “Well, look, I have succeeded”

Atlan: Say, “No, no no, is not good.”

Atlan: “From now on

Atlan: when people will meet other people in the street

Atlan: they will not know

Atlan: whether you made them

Atlan: or G-d made them”

Atlan: “Undo - me”

Atlan: So that’s what Jeremiah did.


Brooks: I don’t think robots are going to take over from us

Rod Brooks: because there isn’t going to an an ‘us’

Rod Brooks: Because we, are starting to bring technology, into our bodies.

Cynthia: This, gives me pause (looped)

Minsky: You go and buy this module

Minsky: in the Mind Store

Minsky: and have it connected to you brain

Minsky: and then you do four or five part counterpoint

Kurzweil: If I scan your brain

Kurzweil: download that information

Kurzweil: I’ll have a little you

Kurzweil: right here in my personal computer.

Minsky: No reason people should put up with death

Minsky: start redesigning ourselves

Minsky: I think we’ll turn into

Minsky: something quite different.


Dawkins: Once upon a time there was

Dawkins: carbon based life,

Dawkins: and it gave over to,

Dawkins: silicon based life.

Dawkins: I don’t view the prospect, with equanimity

Dawkins: maybe I’m just sentimental


Deech: Here we are

2 sopranos & 3 tenors: Here we are

Deech: under the Tree

2 sopranos & 3 tenors: under the Tree again

2 sopranos & 3 tenors: at the end of the day

Steinsaltz: The sin of Adam - in eating

Steinsaltz: he was too hasty.

Kismet: Every creature has a song, what do they say?

Cynthia: (To Kismet as her robot baby) So how’s your day goin’?

Cynthia: Yeah?

Cynthia: You got it all planned out?

Cynthia: You do?

Cynthia: You got it all planned out?

Cynthia: Maybe you’ll play with your yellow toy?

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